Careful preparation and attention for your health recovery

Absolute Home Health Care, Inc. provides care planning services to understand your needs and expectations and provide the appropriate care based on your health situation.

We first conduct an in-home assessment to check your health situation, medication history, home environment, and other health concerns. Then, we will develop a care plan that will include all important details about your care interventions, including individualized services based on your needs.

The care plan will usually involve:

  • The frequency of care
  • The fees for each service
  • The names of staff and types of caregivers who will render services to you
  • The schedule and methods of your care plan
  • The signatures of both the care provider and client or client’s representative

Your doctor and our home health team will review your plan of care as often as necessary and make any changes as needed.

For more information about our care planning services, please feel free to contact us.

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